Rana Creek on Stormwater Management Systems

Designing with best stormwater practices in mind, Rana Creek has implemented many stormwater plans that have conserved millions of gallons annually and have reduced the strain on municipal systems, globally.  Whether combined with or separate from graywater / sewer systems, we are creating solutions to a huge variety of site constraints.


Fees and reoccurring annual fines have been avoided by simply reducing the quantity of water headed to the storm drains on site.  Living roofs prevent most of the water run-off from roofs from ever even hitting their downspouts.  Integrative solutions such as rain gardens and bioswales utilize the natural abilities of landscapes to retain stormwater thus providing a beautiful cost-free solution on the ground plane as well.  Systems can also be designed to hold this clean water source in tanks for re-use in irrigation, indoor plumbing, drinking water and other creative site needs.