Footprints Ecohospederia

Community-Integrated Ecological Resort in Puerto Rico's Northeast Ecological Corridor

Rana Creek collaborated with William McDonough + Partners to develop a master plan for a Footprints Eco Hospederia on 500 acres of degraded coastal landscape in Puerto Rico’s Northeast Ecological Corridor. Initial assessments of landcover, terrestrial and aquatic habitat, erosion and water quality; as well as projections for capacity, energy use, material flows, community employment, and food and water demand informed the development of performance metrics through which the hospederia can measure its light footprint on the land as well as improvements to the community, the local economy, and to biodiversity and watershed health.  These metrics are being incorporated by the government into the overall land management plan for the Northeast Ecological Corridor. Footprints vision is for renewable energy-driven, low-impact, modular architecture that blends and disappears into the coastal hills on a mere 1% of the entire 500 acres; minimization of automobile use in favor of electric vehicles on natural trails; water conservation and reuse; restoration of hundreds of acres of dry forest, freshwater, and saltwater wetlands; streambank reconstruction; sea turtle habitat education and protection; community and local school engagement; on-site tropical fruit and vegetable production; and improved public access to Playa Las Pauline.  Rana Creek collaborated with William McDonough + Partners to produce a master plan that is sensitive to and protective of site ecology; which maximizes views while minimizing visibility; reflects community values; demonstrates sustainable design; and offers experiences of natural beauty and beach recreation to a range of visitors, including campers and day users. 




Footprints, Inc.


Luquillo, Puerto Rico


William McDonough + Partners; URS; Marvel + Marchand Architects;