Lāna‘i Sustainability Master Plan

Island-wide Sustainability Master Plan

Rana Creek engaged with Pulama Lāna‘i in a comprehensive planning process to generate long-term goals and initiatives to ensure a more sustainable and thriving island ecology, economy, and community. Rana Creek performed a thorough analysis of existing opportunities, constraints and baseline conditions, identifying key ecological design best practices and innovative technologies.  Short and long term planning goals and project initiatives were identified for ecology and conservation, agriculture, low-impact development (LID), green infrastructure, purchasing, waste-to-energy, and resource recovery. An island-wide, systems approach was utilized to conceive resilient, closed loop systems that mimic and support island ecology, culture, and community. Taking into account the uniqueness of place, Rana Creek’s approach aimed to honor the traditional ahupua’a land stewardship principle while helping to generate a scientifically informed, 21st century Hawaiian land ethic.





Pulama Lāna‘i


Lāna‘i, Hawaii


Pulama Lāna‘i, Lāna‘i Culture + Heritage Center, Kepa Maly, Byron Washom, Food Spectrum, Inc., Susan Wyche, Les Fuchigami, University of Hawaii, Mari's Gardens, RM Towill, Maui County