Lower Stillwell Neighborhood

Military Housing Goes Native

In a truly impressive commitment to sustainability, Clark Realty, tasked with the redevelopment and long-term management of the former military site, contracted Rana Creek for our ecological design/build services, integrated water management systems, and landscape improvement services.
The Lower Stilwell team had a goal to provide 100% non-potable water for landscape irrigation using a comprehensive approach to greywater treatment, storage and reuse. In this commercial greywater system - the first of this size in California - water collected from restroom sinks, showers and laundry washer machines is conveyed to a storage system via gravity flow, which supplies all irrigation water for the native, drought-tolerant landscape. The greywater reuse system saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of potable water from being used and discharged into the sewer annually. The project serves as a model for future developments that strive to conserve valuable natural resources and reduce impacts on the Salinas Valley Watershed.





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