Pacific Grove Dune Restoration

Dune Restoration on the Monterey Peninsula

When ownership of 60 acres of degraded dune habitat was transferred from the US Coast Guard to the City of Pacific Grove Golf Course, Rana Creek performed a Biological Assessment and created a Dune Habitat Restoration Plan which outlined methods to restore and protect rare dune plant species like the state and federally endangered Menzies’ wallflower and Tidestrom’s lupine, and the federally threatened Monterey spineflower. Rana Creek was successful in navigating the multilayered regulatory and compliance process through biological assessments, restoration and mitigation plans, a planting and site maintenance plan and exotic species control guidelines. Restoration of dune function and enhancement of the site has been realized through collecting seed, propagating and replanting dune species, minimizing impacts to areas containing sensitive plant communities, eradication and control of invasive nonnative plants, and monitoring success of the ongoing restoration.





City of Pacific Grove


Pacific Grove, CA


Rana Creek